Practice Areas Overview

By focusing exclusively on criminal defense matters, the Law Office of Timothy S. Note, PLLC is able to provide excellent advice and representation based on experience to individuals charged with a crime in and around Spokane, from Spokane Valley to Airway Heights and throughout eastern Washington State.

Know Your Rights and Use Them

In criminal matters, there are several bedrock principles, enshrined in our constitution, that are important to remember. A person who is charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty, and the prosecutor has the burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury. You are entitled to present a strong defense on your behalf, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with requiring the prosecution to meet its burden. We will challenge any search, seizure, or arrest that doesn't meet the standards guaranteed in the Bill of Rights and upheld by our nation's Supreme Court.

Another important right is the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination (the right to remain silent) and your right to speak with an attorney or have one present at any police questioning (custodial interrogation). You should always exercise this right and request an attorney as soon as possible. Do not be afraid that asking for an attorney will make you look guilty to the police. They already suspect you, or they wouldn't be questioning you in the first place. The right to an attorney is your right, and exercising that right cannot be used against you. What can be used against you, however, is any statement you make to the police; consult an attorney before you agree to submit to questioning by the police.

From Traffic Tickets to Murder Charges

Our office can assist you with any state or federal criminal charges, including:

Alternative Sentencing - Leaving No Stone Unturned

At the Law Office of Timothy S. Note, we never stop working for you. In the event you are convicted, we work to obtain probation and other alternatives to incarceration whenever possible. We can also work to secure your parole at the earliest possible time.

In appropriate cases, we can take the steps necessary to be considered for a deferred prosecution program. Under deferred prosecution, the defendant agrees to enter a treatment program for alcohol, drugs, or underlying mental problem. After the required time has passed following successful completion of the treatment program, the charges are dismissed and the defendant is not tried for the offense.

Criminal cases are serious matters, and not only are your liberty and maybe your life at stake, but your reputation, job, family, and entire future as well. If you are being investigated or have been arrested and charged with any crime, contact the Law Office of Timothy S. Note, PLLC for immediate assistance from a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney.